Shariah and the goal of a Caliphate

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The picture is of self-appointed Sharia police in Germany. They ran afoul of the German police as they attempted to enforce sharia law on Germans that were drinking.

This little incident came to mind last night after I heard the President’s speech regarding taking military action against ISIS.

The President is quite right to categorize ISIS as a terrorist organization and quite right to try to form a coalition of the willing to do something about it.

There was at least one thing missing from the President’s speech and that was the word, caliphate. The goal of ISIS is a caliphate, that is Islamic rule worldwide from a central caliphate not dissimilar to the old Ottoman Empire who were the last Islamists to try it.

What the President and his advisors do not seem to get is that there is more than one way to skin a cat. One way is military conquest like ISIS is capable of doing but the other way is more subtle.

The other way is to infiltrate western cultures and claim special rights  like enforcing sharia on Moslems and non-Moslems alike.  Then when busted claim victim status. racism and cultural insensitivity.

The subtle way is probably more effective in the long run especially because most of the west is naive about caliphate goals and frankly uber sensitive to anyone who claims victim status.

It has already been established that many ISIS fighters hold western passports and that should prove that within western nations there is a ready-made “fifth column” ready to take up the cause and methods of ISIS in those western nations. I would suggest that the sharia police are already on board philosophically with their more militant cousins and their goals are identical.

The war on Islamic fascism is bigger than you seem to think Mr. President.


And God made them male and female and indeterminate.

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“…and God made them male and female and “indeterminate.” (Der Spiegel)

Germany is following Australia’s and Finland’s lead in allowing a third choice when it comes to gender identification on documents that ask for the information. A person simply has to enter the letter “X” for indeterminate rather than ” m” for male or “f” for female.

I could probably go on for quite a while about all the things that are wrong with this confusion but will settle for this.

It’s not exactly a secret how far Germany has drifted from Christianity since the heady days of the Reformation and Martin Luther. And where one thing retreats, another advances and in Germany’s case as well as much of Western Europe that something is Islam.

Nominal cultural Christians, agnostics and atheists may mock Christians that take Scripture seriously and get away with it since most Bible believing Christians are not surprised by anti-Christian biases but with Islam, it’s an animal of a rather different sort.

Islam tends towards being touchy.


Sharia law prescribes death to homosexuals as well as calling gender confusion sin. Sharia law is also the stated goal within the western democracies by any honest Islamist. Some rightly fear this trend while their politicians bend over back wards to accommodate Islam.

The irony is the abandonment of traditional Christianity while militant Islam  is on the rise. As one thing retreats, another advances.

For a real eye opener on what slam teaches on homosexuality follow this link to the

A quick search turned up a number of pictures of Islam demonstrating for Sharia in Europe and here.






Creeping Islam, Creeping Sharia

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There are a couple of pastors that write for Whenever they appear I make it a point to read them.

One of them is Michael Youseff. Pastor Youseff pastors a large independent, evangelical Anglican church in the Atlanta area. He is also a conservative clergy blogger and writer as well as knowing something about Islam. Youseff is Egyptian by birth and immigrated to the US in 1977 after first immigrating to Australia.

His recent column of is titled The Silent Conquest of a Continent.

The column has to do with birthrates in Europe. Youseff notes that in much of western Europe the birthrate of non-Moslems is about 1.4 children per household. The Moslem birthrate on the other hand is 4-6 children per household. Youseff cites statistics that the Moslem population could over take the non-Moslem population in terms of numbers by 2025 or 2050.

So what you may ask?

The answer to that key question is found in Youseff’s title The Silent Conquest of a Continent.

Consider this quote by Sheik Yousef Quardawi: “What our forbears failed to do by the sword, this generation is accomplishing through legitimate birthright, immigration, and petro-dollars.”

The sheik is referring to the attempted military conquests of Europe.

The first major attempt was made by the Umayyad Arabs. Erupting out of what is now Saudi Arabia, Moslem Arab armies had conquered the middle east, taking it from the Christian East Roman Empire or Byzantines. The Moslem Arabs also knocked off the powerful Sassanid Persians (modern-day Iran) replacing their religion of Zoroastrianism with Islam.

The-Umayyad-Caliphate-661-750 A.D.

The-Umayyad-Caliphate-661-750 A.D.

From there the Arab Moslem armies conquered all of North Africa, most of Spain and then pushed into France (Gaul, as it was called then). The Umayyads were surprisingly defeated by the Carolingian Franks led by the remarkable Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours in 732.

Much of Spain and Portugal would remain Moslem until the late 1400’s when the Spanish reconquered Spain.

The next major invasion of Europe by Moslem armies occured in 1453 when the remnant of the Byzantine Empire succumb to the powerful, militaristic Ottoman Turks when they took Constantinople (Istanbul today). The fall of Constantinople was only the beginning of Moslem expansion into Europe. The expansion ceased following the unsuccessful siege of Vienna in 1683 by the Ottomans.

Ottoman Empire-1580

Ottoman Empire-1580

This is what Sheik Yousef Quardawi meant when he said: “What our forbears failed to do by the sword, this generation is accomplishing through legitimate birthright, immigration, and petro-dollars.”

Youseff asks what type of Moslem will come to dominate Europe. Will they be the radical jihadists or will they be the more “westernized” variety that genuinely want to live in a truly pluralistic society?

Youseff makes this observation: “Certainly the current push for Sharia implementation in many European countries, including England, presents a foreboding omen.”

Here is a link to an article in Der Spiegel, a German magazine that illustrates the reality of creeping sharia in Germany and the surprising support it receives from non-Moslem politicians.

Here’s another link: Germany: Munich: “Moderate” Muslims demand Sharia and Jihad for Europe at “Freedom” rally

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