I passed a billboard the other day that featured an attractive African-American couple that at first glance one would assume they were married. But, the bill board read, “my brother should not be judged for who he loves.”

The bill board was an obvious attempt to influence other African-Americans to be more accepting of gay marriage. African-Americans oppose gay marriage in over whelming numbers although some studies show that number declining in the wake of Obama’s flip-flop on the issue. (He was against gay marriage to get elected knowing full well that most blacks opposed it. Now he is for it.)

The bill boards appear in mostly black neighborhoods, although this one was not, but it was a short distance from a mosque and I don’t think that was an accident.

The bill boards are paid for by a campaign called Acceptance Journeys and  endorsed by the Wisconsin Board of Regents in the UW system. The message on the board is the brainchild of Shawnika Hull, an assistant professor of journalism and communications at UW Madison.

The choice of language was deliberate, subtle and skillful.  Acceptance Journeys was designed to mimic the religious language of “faith journeys” just as the “do not judge” message has religious overtones to anyone vaguely familiar with Matthew 7 (usually horribly taken out of context).

The message is not really all that subtle for anyone withe eyes to see. All it does is substitute one morality for another, a politically correct morality for what God thinks.



To give it a more Old Testament feel I reworded the commandment to read, “thou shalt not judge thy brother for being gay , because if you do you are homophobic.”

I do not remember who it was but someone once said, “every law is someone’s morality.”  This is true. The only question is who gets to make the law.

I’d like to see another bill board next to the one I just mentioned.

This bill board would feature an attractive African-American couple who would be married. The billboard would read, “thou shalt not judge us for believing that marriage is between one man and one woman and if you do judge us you are Christianphobic.” (I think I just coined Christianphobic.)

But the part that really irritates me is that the university system in Wisconsin gets to use my tax money to promote not only a politically correct moral agenda and does it in a religious fashion.  I guess the new temples of worship and the only accepted ones are found on UW campuses.