About the blog and me

This is my second blog. The first blog is titled History Stuff that Interests Me. It used to be just Stuff That Interests Me but I found I was becoming too eclectic for my own good. I have posts on History Stuff That Interests me about history, military history, theology, religion, politics, news and commentary and whatever else I just plain felt like writing on.

So, around the time the new year rolled around I thought I’d try to separate out some things since my posts in general, appealed to different groups of people. In other words some would read the history study but not really care so much for the politics or the theology although no one ever complained.

So I decided to have a go at another blog. This one used to be  titled Church, State, Faith and Culture and then something else before I recently retitled it My Take.

The reasons for multiple changes in title and content are varied and I need not get into all them. I will say that in the case of biblical counseling there are many and I do mean many excellent blogs that deal with biblical counseling and the authors of most of them are much better at it than I am. This does not mean I won’t post something about biblical counseling. I’m just saying it will no longer be my main thrust.

My Take is going to more a return to my original idea of Church, State, Faith and Culture. The posts here will  reflect the relationships between those terms primarily here in America but worldwide when appropriate. It will simply be a blog that reflects my interests and opinions in those areas. My opinions are not necessarily those held by my church as I speak only for myself on this blog.

My background for those who care about such things is this:

I am an assistant pastor at Missio Dei Fellowship in Kenosha, WI. I like  the Latin, kind of cool if you ask me, although some people think it’s Spanish. My job is to assist my friend and Sr. Pastor in whatever he wants me to do but my niche training is that of a biblical or nouthetic counselor. The simple definition of what a nouthetic counselor is one who helps people solves their problems bu using the Bible. A nouthetic counselor is not a psychologist but rather one who is confident that the Scriptures contain what we need to know about our faith and how to practice that faith unto the glory of God.

My church belongs to the Southern Baptist Convention and we are conservative Protestants. Our church has a Calvinistic bent to it which puts us in the minority of SBC churches.

I am married, have been for 44 years to the same great gal. We have one married son who is also married to a great gal. We have three grandchildren , ages 8, 5 and 3. They are a delight!

I do appreciate thoughtful, respectful and polite comments and will interact with them as my time allows. Nasty or mean spirited comments will be trashed.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emily
    Jun 17, 2013 @ 13:31:15

    The Latin is excellent. 🙂 I keep learning of college friends moving to the Milwaukee area and consistently refer them to your church, even though I have no logical concept of what city they live in in relation to Kenosha. … Maybe one of them will end up there… I am sure they wil be better for it! 🙂 I enjoy your posts when I have time to sit and read them. Thanks for writing!


    • Bruce
      Jun 17, 2013 @ 13:40:30

      Thanks Emily. Depending on where a person is in Milwaukee the time to Kenosha and our church is anywhere between 30-60 minutes. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. sueannporter1
    Oct 10, 2013 @ 17:57:01

    Nice to meet you!


  3. altruistico
    Dec 09, 2013 @ 19:53:07

    It is a pleasure and an honor to both visit your blog; and, to meet you.

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you and yours always.



    • Bruce
      Dec 09, 2013 @ 20:23:54

      heh thanks, ditto.


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