I collect old Life Magazines¬†from the 30’s and 40’s when I can get them cheap enough. I’m fascinated by the reporting of history in the issues of Life as well as the snap shots of Americana from the time my parents were coming of age through the WW2 years.

Recently, a friend gave me 1\2 dozen magazines from my desired time frame. In the May 9th, 1938 issue of Life,there appeared a small article titled, Pastor Gives 1,000,000-Volt Sermon.

My initial reaction to the headline was, “oh no, some gimmicky pastor like we have today who is more interested in entertaining than he is in teaching the Bible.”

It was a poor initial judgment on my part since the article dealt with a man who seemed to be ahead of his time in trying to prove that real science is not incompatible with the Bible at all. His name was Irwin A. Moon.


According to the short article accompanying the picture below, Moss studied physics and chemistry while preparing for the ministry at Los Angeles Theological Seminary. When Moon pastored a small church in California he experimented with high-frequency electricity. By 1938 he was traveling throughout the US for Moody Bible Institute preaching Sermons in Science.

The “stunt” pictured above took place in Atlanta, GA. Moon received a 1,000,000-volt charge of electricity, expelling it from metal caps on his fingertips that resulted in crackling streamers of fire.

According to the article, Moon’s purpose in doing presentations like this one was to demonstrate the hidden wonders of creation

A little research on my part turned up that Moon became the Director of Moody Institute of Science. He passed away in 1986.

I was an extension student at Moody in the 1980’s and I had never heard of Moon, but was aware of his legacy then called “Wonders of Science.” Moody had (has) an excellent series of videos that illustrate, as the title implies the wonders of science.

I fondly remember the nature type videos that would explain the design\complexity of a woodpecker or how certain insects had unique features that pointed to design. This was Moons goal–to show that Creation had\has intelligent design and the intelligent designer is the God of the Bible.

Today Moon’s legacy is carried on by many creation scientists and scientists.

The Moody Bible videos on nature and science are available in DVD form on Amazon.