The popular interpretation of “the separation of church and state” is 100% bogus as my fellow blogger Bill points out here.


For a number of years now, many folks have been fretting over the word, “God”. That’s with a capital G. They seem to feel oppressed, offended and relegated to second class citizenship if they hear it or see it written. This is especially true if the expression emanates from anyone remotely connected with a governmental entity. This would include people like city councilmen, public school educators and politicians. To those so obsessed, the use of that word, or any term suggesting something like a prayer, is almost a disqualification from office.

The basis of this angst is the clause, “wall of separation between church and state”. Some people believe it to be contained in the US Constitution. That is not so. The original Constitution does tell us that no religious test shall ever be required of anyone who holds office in the federal government. Further, the First Amendment states that…

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