Another guest blog today from a thoughtful and articulate gentleman.


Retirement has provided time to read things for myself instead of knowing little more about our country’s history  than what can be found in school books, and what other people have said. It turns out that those efforts to satisfy personal curiosity have led to an understanding of Thomas Jefferson’s warning:

“A nation that expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of society, expects what never was and never will be”…. By ignorance, of course, he meant the absence of knowledge.

Please allow the offering of an example that has an application to current events.

As most are probably aware, folks with certain spiritual persuasions are often vociferously reminded that public expressions of those beliefs must be constrained in the public square and definitely withheld from the minds of our youth in their public education.

Now let’s suppose that a public official was invited to present an address…

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