I’ve been reading various accounts of the Eliot Rodgers massacre that occurred last Friday.

Most reports try to find a “why” behind the massacre. Most reports point to Rodger’s problem with women meaning he hated the fact he was still a virgin at age 22. His frustration in that department drove him to seek vengeance on his room mates (who didn’t share that frustration) and sorority girls who apparently were symbols of his frustration. Other victims were more random but equally driven by Rodger’s sense of outrage.

The words that have floated to the top more than any other words are “mentally ill”  and “mental health.”

Whatever else that might be said about Eliot Rodgers we can be sure that Eliot was “mentally ill”  according to the experts.

Rodgers even had a therapist to prove it he was mentally ill.

The therapist wanted to give Risperidone but Rodgers refused to take it. Risperidone is used to treat schizophrenia and other things. I do not know what other meds Rodgers may have been on. I’m sure something will surface. Here is link to the connection between psychotropic drugs and mass murderers.

A schizophrenic is one that cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is not real. Schizophrenia is diagnosed as Schizoaffective disorder meaning a mental condition that causes both a loss of contact with reality (psychosis) and mood problems.

Rodgers had been in therapy since the age of eight. It has been pointed out that Rodgers was also a model narcissist  consumed by what he perceived others thought of him.

Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition in which people have an excessive sense of self-importance, an extreme preoccupation with themselves, and lack of empathy for others.

Psychiatric labels are short hand for descriptions of behaviors and attitudes but they are not necessarily prescriptive although that’s how they are used to treat an individual like Rodgers. In other words, if Rodgers manifests behavior and attitude a, b, c, and d he will be diagnosed with a label and given what the psychiatrist believes to be an appropriate med and usually some degree of talk therapy.

An excessive sense of self-importance amounts to extreme self-centeredness, a total preoccupation with getting what he demanded (Rodgers-sex, admiration, popularity) and no concern for others because he was at the center of his own little universe and he  and his desires were all that mattered. The Bible calls such a person a “lover of self” (2 Tim. 3:2) and without self-control.

The only treatment for self-centeredness in any one that I know of is the Gospel rightly understood and applied.