I’ve been avoiding this topic not because I do not care but because I do not know how to write about it and hold my temper and so would probably not say anything useful. Our media will spend tons of time on a stupid homosexual kiss and virtually nothing when it comes to the persecution of Christians. So, here is brief reminder from my friend and Sr. Pastor of just what is going on in the world.

Missional Meanderings

Here is yet another chilling account of persecution against Christians.  Keeps things in perspective.

A Christian woman in Sudan reportedly has until Thursday to either recant her faith or face a possible sentence of death.

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, 27, was convicted by a Khartoum court this week of apostasy, or the renunciation of faith, Amnesty International said Wednesday, a day before the expected ruling. The court considers her to be Muslim.

According to the rights group, she was also convicted of adultery because her marriage to a Christian man was considered void under Sharia law.

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