This is an interesting video of the type of I’ve seen before. It’s convincing especially if you are predisposed to believe in ghosts. One debunker wrote this: The bottles are clearly drug off the table from the top using a string. These bottles appear bottom heavy and if they were pushed from the top of the bottle, we would see them crash and break on top of the table. If they were pushed from the bottom, they would slide tilted backward for a second before falling toward the floor bottom side first. What we see is the top of the bottle flying toward the floor first. Implying that someone tugged on them with string – through the window at the other side of the room.

All right then, you decide.


Store Surveillance Footage Shows Ghostly Activity

Ghostly Prescence NH Store

” A New Hampshire store owner is starting to believe in the supernatural after she had a ghostly encounter in her store that was all caught on tape!

  The surveillance video from the Ellacoya Country Store in Gilford NH shows a glass tray thrown from the table after the employees leave the store.

  After the tray crashed, a store employee, Heidi Boyde, runs back into the room to investigate and found the glass shattered all over the floor.”

Read more here and see the unedited raw video here

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