I read a headline in Al Mohler’s Briefing that read, “We may lose the marriage argument with the culture, but we’re in trouble if we lose it with our kids.”

The available statistics support the statement. It ought not surprise us that the culture believes as it does but it is surprising that millennial self-identified evangelical Protestants have sided with the culture.

I suppose there is more than one reason for this including a general decline of morals and the over all blurring of right and wrong.

I also think it’s quite possible that God is hardening the hearts of those who honor him with their lips but whose hearts are far from him.

But whatever else we might think about all that perhaps it would be wise to look at our pulpits?

How many of our evangelical pastors labor hard to cut the Word straight (2 Tim. 2:15)? How many pulpits are more interested in 20 minute pep talks than doing the hard work of preaching through a text verse by verse with an emphasis on “thus saith The Lord.” How many pulpits actually care that they neglect or ignore the sufficiency and authority of Scripture and are willing to preach it and let the chips fall where they may?

The apostle Paul didn’t run around confronting the culture but he did run around confronting the church. Today it seems we have that backwards and just maybe we’re paying the price with our young people who see the Word in a kind of silly putty way.

The culture is going to do what it always has done and that is what is right in their own eyes. The church on the other hand ought to be living according to another standard, a standard based on the sufficiency and authority of Scripture-Scripture that can be cut straight.

I believe the culture war will always be with us but to me the bigger issue is losing our own children.