A Real Letter To A Real Granddaughter…. Regarding The Attempted Indoctrination Of Her 5th Grade Daughter Who Is Attending An American Public School (Letters Have Been Substituted For Names)


My Dear “M”,

Your email and photo of “J’s” public school 5th grade U.S. Constitution “study guide” has been received. Your concern for its content, particularly regarding the 2nd Amendment, is shared.

Before addressing the 2nd Amendment, it is imperative that we understand what I call the “concept of construction” of the Constitution.

There seem to be no schools at any level (except, perhaps, Hillsdale College) that teach the text of theConstitution and its concept of construction… Textbooks contain copies of the Constitution, but no teachers “teach” it as thoroughly as the English teachers of days of yore taught Shakespeare.

This may possibly be the most simple analogy of that “concept of construction”:

Imagine the federal…

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