From my friend and Sr. Pastor. Lots of good reasons to think about this issue pastors.

Missional Meanderings

I read with great interest this post over at the Gospel Coalition’s site.  Collin Hanson asks how pastors in America need to possibly rethink their current practice of marrying people in light of U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision to overturn Proposition 8.  The audience is actually conservative pastors who see a rapid encroachment of the State into the Church with little shame or concern on the State’s part.

The article has four different pastors who weigh in on the issue to varying degrees of helpfulness.  I found Steve DeWitt’s to be the most helpful.  Here is a glimpse into his response if you haven’t already clicked on the link and read it yourself:

. . . . What makes a wedding “Christian” is a Christian man and a woman covenanting to follow God’s plan and fulfill God’s purpose for marriage.

At the same time, a pastor in the American…

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