Who was Horst Ludwig Wessel?

Horst was a German political activist killed in 1930. He was only twenty-three years old at the time.  30,000 people attended his funeral and a high government official gave a stirring eulogy.

Horst was the son of a Lutheran minister and was known for his patriotism. Horst’s father wanted Horst to go into the ministry but the young Horst choose political activism instead. He wanted to make a difference to his country.

Horst had aspirations to be a lawyer and was enrolled in a University in 1926. It was said he was an intense and passionate student.

In his spare time he played a shalmei. A shalmei is a type of horn that falls into the double reed family of musical instruments. It took considerable talent to master this unusual instrument.

The clean-cut Horst Wessel

The clean-cut Horst Wessel

Horst was also a bit of song writer and achieved some fame writing a patriotic song about his country’s flag.

It is unknown as to the exact reasons Horst was killed. Some say he was killed by someone who disagreed with his politics. Others say the killing had something to do with money and back rent. Still others suggest the killing was over an argument over a girl.

But killed he was as someone with a handgun appeared on his doorstop one night and shot Horst in the face. He did not die right away and suffered in a hospital for a while before passing away.

After his death Horst became a national hero and his song about the flag (Die Fahne Hoch) became second only to the national anthem of Germany. Military units adopted Horst’s name as the name of their unit. Horst  and his life were commemorated in memorials, books and films and there was even a novel about him.

Horst Wessel became a hero to the Nazi Party after he met his death in 1930.

Horst Wessel became a hero to the Nazi Party after he met his death in 1930.

Clearly, Horst Ludwig Wessel was a hero\martyr to his people.

Most of the above are facts. I speculated a little about how good of horn player Horst was or how good of a student.

Horst was a minor officer in the SA. The SA were the predecessors of the dreaded Nazi SS. In the topsy-turvy world of the German politics in the 1920’s the SA served the then obscure Nazi Party by being street thugs. They harassed and beat Jews and fire bombed their businesses. They fought with other political groups including the German Communists. It is likely that Horst was assassinated by the Communists because he had killed a seventeen-year-old communist the same day.

Horst was a thug in a uniform made a hero after his death by the political powers in Germany. The person who spoke at his funeral was none other than Joseph Goebbels, the master of propaganda and the main propagator of the Horst Wessel mythology. A sympathetic national media of course helped.

When the government and the national media want to control the story they can turn a street thug into a national hero. The truth and facts are put aside to steer the population into a mythology. In Horst’s case, the Communists were blamed or the Jews or both for the death of a young patriotic hero. Never mind  that the young, clean-cut Horst Wessel was a hater of the worst kind. He served his purpose to advance a political agenda that would have world-wide consequences.

America’s national media, especially MSNBC is Goebbels Ministry of Propaganda. The Obama Administration including the DOJ is the government pushing the overall agenda of race baiting and racial division. Trayvon Martin, like Horst Wessel, is the hero\martyr to some who are not interested in reality but only the myth.