This is a link to my pastor’s thoughts on the DOMA decision that was handed down by SCOTUS today. I recommend the article and the blog.

I agree with him especially in regards to the comments that illustrate that this decision is no worse than other SCOTUS decisions (like Roe v Wade) or others decisions regarding immigration, the Marxist nanny state and so forth. We’re on a rocket sled of bad, anti-Constitution decisions with no end in sight!

I think of Jesus’ words that he said to Pilate when he said his kingdom was not of this world. For the Christian either is ours in the ultimate, eternal sense. But, on the other hand, we still have live in this kingdom. This link from the Gospel Coalition explains the good news and bad news affecting the church about the SCOTUS DOMA decision.

My pastor (and the Gospel Coalition) is further correct in saying the gospel will still go forth even if American Christians are persecuted, a likely eventuality in my opinion. Here’s why:

Here’s another link of interest from Fox News that details Judge Scalia’s dissenting opinion.

Scalia accuses the Supreme Court majority (the decision was 5-4) of high-handedness because the majority have accused proponents of straight marriage “enemies of the human race.”

So much for liberal/progressive diversity. If you disagree with a liberal/progressive about gay marriage and your own preference is a traditional marriage between one man and one woman you must be “an enemy of the human race.” It’s one thing for the ordinary, whacked out statist liberal\progressive to utter such nonsense and quite another for the SCOTUS to say so, either directly or indirectly. That is scary and it’s probably meant to be scary.

The next step will be ship all these “enemies of the human race” to the re-education camp or similar gulag where they will have the opportunity to see the light, or not.

If not, then maybe something more akin to Hitler’s Final Solution is in store for “enemies of the human race.”

Far-fetched? I think not. From time to time the ancient, pagan Romans declared Christians to be enemies of the state and bloody persecutions followed.

This is no surprise and Jesus said the world would hate Christians because the world hated him first. What is surprising to me at least, is that I never would have thought this country would slide that far down the rat hole and at the same time persecute those who do not want to go along for the ride.

Well done SCOTUS betrayers of the Constitution.

If you think elections don’t have consequences, think again.