I’ve been debating with myself for a number of days wondering if I should comment on the new Pope or more precisely, how the mainstream, left-wing media, is spinning the story.

I decided not to.


Well, I think the Catholic Church is an ally in the culture war but how they deal with liberal Catholics and their allies in the left-wing media is their business.

My issues with Catholicism (and I am a former Catholic) has to do with the nature of the gospel. I agree with P. John Piper who said if he had two minutes with the new Pope he’d ask him about justification.


That was and is the historic reason for the Protestant Reformation and in the scheme of things the issue of eternal value.

I wish the Catholic Church well in the culture war but also wish they would refute The Council of Trent’s response to the Reformation. The new Pope is a Jesuit so I find it extremely unlikely.