Excellent insights in this blog as to how a culture celebrates suicide bombers. We Americans can be so incredibly naive.

Rabbi Pruzansky's Blog

With President Obama set to visit Israel in the next few months, the pressure on Israel to make further tangible concessions for the sake of a “peace of paper” will be intense. He has been marketing this visit as if it a major sacrifice on his part that demands some reciprocity from Israel. Whatever the composition of the new Israeli coalition, Obama is likely to find a PM Netanyahu also eager for some show of flexibility that will win him temporary plaudits from the international community and permanent antipathy from the Israelis who will pay the price for any new concessionary folly. Both should look at a single news item from last week and abstain from any “peace-making.”
On January 28 (last week), Fatah – the ruling junta in the chaos known as the Palestinian Authority – fêted the deceased Wafa Idris, who 11 years ago became the first Arab…

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