As a pastoral counselor I sometimes have to ask people uncomfortable questions. The questions are often a follow-up to a prior statement they have made and I’ve come to suspect truthfulness of that statement.

On rare occasion a person will express outrage at the asking. The outrage is almost always a mask-a mask for a lie.

The reason for the outrage is not genuine anger but rather an attempt to intimidate me into silence and to cover their own tracks.

Such was the case in my opinion when Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin questioned Secretary of State Hilary Clinton about Benghazi. Senator Johnson asked a legitimate question and Secretary Clinton exploded with the now famous “what difference does it make?”

In the real world finding out why our embassy was attacked on the anniversary of 9/11 would be important and key in understanding what we might be up against.

But not in Clinton’s world, nor the President’s. Instead of a straight answer we received the feigned outrage of someone caught in tangled web of lies.

The most disturbing aspect of the story is not the obvious deception it’s the fact the deception does not seem to matter to more than half of the population.

When President Nixon was caught in a pack of lies people on both sides of the aisle were indignant, expecting the truth from our leaders. In fact, Jimmy Carter ran against Gerald Ford, Nixon’s successor, by stating he would never lie to the American people. I did not like Carter as a President but do give him credit for taking such a stand.

Now it appears that lying at the highest levels of government is acceptable. I guess we should not be surprised it came from a Clinton-a Clinton whose husband went on national television lying about an affair. The then Mrs. Clinton accused the accusers of her husband of being part of a vast right-wing conspiracy. No doubt Senator Ron Johnson is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

Sadly, because the Clinton’s are progressives their lies appear to be acceptable to more than half the population because after all, they care.